Thursday, October 22, 2009

What's in a name?

Minor preface to my next post about the future of printed media: UGA's student newspaper, the Red and Black, does not give one high hopes for the newspaper industry. The frequency with which spelling errors and grammatical mistakes appear in its pages is roughly equal to what one might expect from a hastily written blog entry. Apparently they do not believe in copy-editing.

As the latest case in point, today's front page feature story is about senior tennis player Christian Vitulli. Yet the headline in the printed version of the paper refers to him as Vatulli. Although this has been corrected in the online version, the article itself manages to refer to him as both Vitulli and Vutilli, an error still present in the online version as well. That's three different spellings for the last name of the subject of the feature story of the day, in an article no more than a few hundred words long.

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  1. My college newspaper once mistakenly printed an ad pushing neo-nazi propaganda.