Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Hating the EU?

Interesting defense of the EU by David Bosco at Foreign Policy's website. In "Is it OK to hope the EU fails?" he characterizes anti-EU attitudes as "a real undercurrent in conservative foreign-policy thought, and maybe American political thought on a grumpy day." {Perhaps Douthat was just channeling this undercurrent in his column yesterday (see my previous post).}

The complaints against the EU expressed by John Hinderaker (to whom Bosco is responding) are: it undermines national democracies, it is more left-wing than its citizens would prefer, and most euro-zone citizens don't want the euro. Since the first two points are highly debatable, and the third is empirically false, a response is hardly necessary, but Bosco's general defense of European integration — and public support for it — is straightforward and well-taken.

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