Thursday, December 9, 2010

Seasonal migration as foreign aid

David McKenzie at the World Bank offers an intriguing suggestion about "The Most Effective Development Intervention We Have Evidence For": under certain conditions it appears that seasonal migration trumps any other intervention. New Zealand has a short term migration program which, apparently, comes "with minimal displacement of native workers, and overstay rates of less than 1%."

The blog posting links to the actual research paper, as well as some other related links. Comments on the posting note that it is likely to be much more difficult to find political support for such an intervention than it is for foreign aid. Moreover, keeping the overstay rate low requires active involvement and monitoring on the part of the home as well as the host country. The United States currently has a seasonal worker visa program (H2A), but it is not clear how much monitoring takes place — I was unable to even find estimates of overstay rates, for example (but plenty of law offices willing to advise those who have overstayed on what to do next :-).

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