Monday, April 30, 2012

Lots of links I liked

This summer I'm going to gradually start blogging a bit more regularly again. In the meantime, recent days have brought a whole bunch of links I liked, which I pass on with minimal comment.

1. Mitt Romney disingenuously disparages Jimmy Carter, gets schooled by James Fallows.

2. The New York Times asked some literary lights  to give their on U.S. politics these days: E.L. Doctorow, Margaret Atwood, and Martin Amis.

3. Jonathan Chait highlights the difference between perception and reality as regards Paul Ryan's policy ideas and ambitions. (Note: apparently his criticism was too subtle for some, as can be seen here). Also worth (re-)reading in this context: Chait's takedown of the despicable Ayn Rand.

More tomorrow.

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